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Seamless is a unique global event brand bringing together the converging worlds of the banking financial services industry and the retail and e-commerce ecosystem. But it’smore than this. It's a global community made up of decision makers from large Enterprise, SME’s, start-ups, NGO’s, Regulators and Government, all actively engaged in drivingchange in digital commerce. In 2023 the Seamless series of events brought together 75,000 attendees across our portfolio of events hosted in Dubai, Riyadh, Cairo,Johannesburg, Munich and Singapore, and tens of thousands more monthly online through our news portal



Seamless Fintech

From the unicorns to the bootstrapped, fintechs continue to revolutionise the global banking and financial services industry at an unprecedented rate.

Helping businesses, underbanked and underserved consumers like never before, the financial services landscape is changing daily, particularly across the Middle East & Africa.

Seamless is on a mission, not only to bring togetherthe most innovative fintech start-ups and regulators from across the globe to collaborate and do business, but also provide a forum and focus on how to tackle some of the biggest challenges that government and regulators from across the region face, including how do we drive financial inclusion? How to increase financial literacy? And, how can we enable citizens to achieve financial independence?

But it’s more than this, technology is changing all aspects of financial services. We bring together the entire ecosystem to knowledge share, debate, showcase and purchase the next wave of technologies and innovation that is driving this change.

Seamless Payments

The shift towards a cashless society is building momentum, with customers expectations around digital payments increasing every day. Although,only a few countries throughout North Africa are leading the way in adoption.

With a huge population across the region, many technology companies and start-ups are competing with traditional banks and payments players for a share of the flow of B2C and B2B digital payments and remittances.

Seamless brings together the payment ecosystem as banks, government and enterprise discuss and evaluate alternative payment strategies and technologies. Tackling most significant challenges and opportunities in the industry including omni-channel digital payments and processing, KYC, AML and security to name just a few.

Seamless Banking

The bank of tomorrow is here today, almost. Traditional banks realise they need to adapt or be left behind, with new challenger and neo banks leading the way customers interact with their money, the bar has now been set.

However, pushing the boundaries can open risk and security concerns, there’s more data to tackle than ever before, on top of connecting with each other through APIs and open banking technologies, how close are we?

Seamless brings together all parties to explore the latest technologies, new ideas and best practice business models from across the globe and to find out what tomorrow really looks like.

Seamless Retail

Egypt’s retail market is projected to grow to $254bn in 2025.

Multiple factors can be attributed to the growth, including the increasing population, emerging middle class and secondary cities. This is driving an increase in the development of new shopping malls across the country as well as major supermarket chains entering the country.

As the market grows, shoppers’ expectations increase. Seamless will enable retailers to create meaningful and rich customer experiences through omni-channel technology and build a community of loyal and profitable brand champions.

Seamless accelerates retail with new ideas, exciting innovations, and cutting-edge technology.

Seamless E-commerce

E-commerce represents a huge opportunity for growth across the MENA region; it’s forecast to increase to over $13 billion in Egypt alone by 2025 driven by an increase in internet penetration, mobile usage and popularity of online shopping among consumers.

Seamless is a catalyst for this community, bringing together small, medium and large enterprises, government and the wider e-commerce value chain to source solutions and do business. From business models, strategy, digital marketing, conversion and loyalty, payment, fulfilment, delivery and much more.

Seamless North Africa is where your customers and prospects come to shop.


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