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Powering Vietnam’s future

The definitive congress dedicated to investment, development and partnership for the power, energy and utility industries in Vietnam.







Welcome to Power & Electricity World Vietnam


The Vietnam power market is undergoing major restructuring, gearing towards a competitive wholesale and retail market, and increasing its installed capacity to more than 135GW by 2030. The revised Power Development Plan unveiled in March 2016, places stronger emphasis on energy security, energy efficiency, renewable energy development and power market liberalisation.


A changing energy mix

The market share for hydro is expected to decrease significantly, coal is expected to contribute to more than half of the installed capacity and gas will grow its share significantly. But in years to come, solar, wind and bioenergy are also ready to establish themselves as new energy sources in Vietnam, growing total production from less than 1% to over 10% as the government implements incentives to drive private sector investments in renewable energy.


Upgraded transmission

Transmission lines are being upgraded to accommodate new generation capacity, smart grids are being rolled out delivering energy efficiency, whilst also improving reliability and empowering consumers to conserve energy.


A huge opportunity

Vietnam is poised to receive VND3207trn (US$148bn) worth of investments in generation and distribution capacity through to 2030, with opportunities for both domestic and international players.


Join us at the inaugural Power & Electricity World Vietnam, The Solar Show Vietnam and The Wind Show Vietnam, to connect with over 400 policymakers, regulators, industry heavyweights and explore how you can be a part of this burgeoning market.




To discuss your involvement contact:
Isaac Chia on +65 6322 2332 or isaac.chia@terrapinn.com
Justin Chin  on +65 6322 2714  or justin.chin@terrapinn.com


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