Cristiano Spillati | Managing Director
Limes Renewable Energy | Italy

Cristiano Spillati, Managing Director, Limes Renewable Energy

Cristiano Spillati is Limes Renewable Energy Managing Director. He brings more than 20 years of experience in executive leadership roles in consulting, telecoms, and clean energy. For the past 14 years he has been focusing exclusively on the renewable energy sector, as strategy consultant and project developer.

Cristiano comes to Limes from having developed solar PV projects globally with SkyPower Global, and having advised leading strategic and financial investors as Managing Partner of Koralion Partners, a boutique consulting company focused on the new energy sector.

Since 2004, he was involved in the development of renewable energy projects in 13 countries in the four continents. He managed technical and financial teams throughout the whole project development life-cycle, from initial feasibility studies, to debt and equity sourcing and structuring.

Currently based in Barcelona, Spain, Cristiano has lived and worked in three continents. He speaks three languages, being proficient in English, Spanish and Italian, and he is conversational in Portuguese.

Cristiano graduated from Bologna University Law School, in Italy, and holds an MSc in Economics from Warwick University (UK).


Day One - Premium Conference @ 14:00

Panel Discussion: How can industry work with government to develop support mechanisms that will drive further solar power development in Vietnam?

  • Issues around current wind FITs and PPAs
  • Currency risks
  • Initial FIT implementation – where are we now?
  • Auctions is the new hype in other regional countries, will it work in Vietnam?
  • Building suitable and effective support mechanisms to trigger greater private and foreign investments

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