Makai Ocean Engineering Inc.


Makai Ocean Engineering, Inc. is an innovative ocean technology and engineering firm based in Hawaii, providing engineering products and services worldwide since 1973. Our core technical areas include submarine cables, ocean energy and marine pipelines, and subsea technologies such as underwater vehicles, buoys, communications systems and general marine engineering and R&D. Makai is the producer of MakaiLay™, a subsea cable installation management software which enables users to lay submarine cables with the highest level of accuracy, speed, safety, and reliability possible today, greatly reducing the risk of cable failures. The software has been rigorously tested and validated over 30 years and is used by over 80% of the global fleet of telecom cable ships to successfully install well over 600,000 km of cable worldwide. MakaiPlan is the world’s #1 cable route planning and engineering software, with over 350 licenses sold worldwide. Our Cable Division was formed in 1988 to apply Makai’s capabilities to challenging, often unparalleled cable installations worldwide. Our technical staff has deep theoretical and practical knowledge of cable installation and retrieval, towed arrays, drag arrays, tow fish and anchor deployments. By leveraging our strong expertise and highly specialized software tools we’ve developed over the years, we like to push the limits to what’s possible in the submarine cable world.