Marine Operations and Protection: Routing, Survey, Installation and Maintenance

Managed by

Varun Deshpande, Meta & Geoffroy de Dinechin, Orange Marine


Marine operations are the backbone of a submarine system program enabling the safe deployment and maintenance of systems to maximize their functionality to design life. On this expansive topic, authors are encouraged to focus on current best practices, technologies, challenges and opportunities for improvements on the below topics.


“It gives us great pleasure to chair this important and fascinating topic area. The Marine ‘family’ that works on the construction and maintenance of a submarine cable system involves thousands of people from engineers, technicians, equipment operators to vessel navigation and safety crew, at times working in harsh and challenging environments around the globe to deliver the comforts of connectivity to the modern world that we live in today. We hope that through discussions on this topic, we will uncover some real existing challenges of the industry and the innovative solutions to overcome them that will ultimately benefit our industry.”

Subjects that can be addressed include, but are not limited to:

  • Route survey planning and operations
  • Cable protection: Routing, Armouring and Burial
  • Installation comprising of main-lay and shore end operations, including cable/pipeline crossings
  • Supporting marine operations such as FAD management and post-lay inspection & burial
  • Marine repair & maintenance
  • Technological innovations to improve quality, safety and efficiency of marine operations
  • Advancements in all marine aspects, from ship technology for navigation to construction and repair operations
  • Introduction of new tonnage to the Industry: opportunities and market needs