Building value for solar professionals

The sun. An inexhaustible source of energy that we can quickly access. And we do that, en masse. Through the roofs of our homes and businesses. All over the world. And we believe that this can always be done smarter, faster and easier. By simply making things more thoughtful from the start. Based on that vision, we develop smart mounting systems for solar panels that create less hassle and more value for solar professionals. We have been doing this since 2004, when Esdec was founded.

Our mounting systems consist of light, sturdy components that simplify the mounting of solar panels and make it faster. With interchangeable parts that can be attached in a safe and convenient way. With one tool or even completely tool-less. For example, we have reduced the assembly time by about 40%, and we facilitate error-free installation.

And we go further than developing innovative mounting systems. We help solar professionals in a few digital steps with a technical proposal, with smart project support, maximum insured value and education and training. Online, on location or in our Innovation Center, in Deventer. With these smart services we remove as much hassle as possible and create extra value. And that this vision pays off is apparent from the fact that more than 12,000 installers in more than 10 countries now see Esdec as their partner in mounting systems.

With almost 20 years of experience and more than 11GW of installed solar panels, we can call ourselves the international market leader. We are part of Enstall. And we are proud of that. Because that gives us energy to rebuild our value for all solar professionals every day.

Esdec. Building value for solar professionals.


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