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Everything Solar


This seminar provides a strategic overview of the entire industry including an update on policy, regulation, investment, financing, major new project developments, new technologies and changing business models. It allows attendees to keep their finger on the pulse of our fast-evolving and increasingly decentralized energy system, as well as uncover new business opportunities and partnerships. In-depth Round Table Discussions will also take place in this seminar.

Solar & Storage Live, SSL, solar, storage
Large-Scale Utility Solar


This seminar looks at large-scale/utility business and investment opportunities, as well as how new technologies like AI, IoT, blockchain, VPPs and FCAS are unlocking opportunities for grid and network operators, who can avoid expensive network infrastructure updates through smarter management of a more decentralized system. Utilities and suppliers also stand to gain from the gradual rise of the connected home both unlocking DSR and attracting new players to the energy scene like telecoms and tech companies.


Solar & Storage Live, SSL, solar, storage
Commercial & Industrial Solar


This seminar is attended by owners, managers and sustainability managers of businesses with large energy consumption and storage needs, like shopping malls, parking stations, schools, universities, data centers, warehouses, business parks, manufacturing and processing plants, hospitals, utilities, petrol stations, mines, road and tunnel operators, etc. Expert speakers will discuss how businesses can save costs and reduce their carbon footprint, as well as cover topics like optimizing assets, lifecycle strategy, procurement of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Solar & Storage Live, SSL, solar, storage
Residential Solar


This seminar focuses on the latest developments in solar, as well as new technologies and methods used for marketing, quoting, installing and servicing residential installations. Industry experts and manufactures will present case studies and explain best practices for installation and management of solar schemes, as well as the research and development being undertaken to improve the efficiency of solar. This is a must-attend for anyone involved with installing or maintaining PV.

Solar & Storage Live, SSL, solar, storage
EV Charging


This summit focuses on the latest technology, business models and thinking around Electric Vehicle charging whether it be residential, commercial, public or destination charging. Hear from car manufacturers, commercial fleet managers, construction companies, property developers & managers, parking operators, petrol-service station owners, local councils, energy suppliers, road authorities, and transport operators, as they discuss the future challenges and opportunities for EV infrastructure solution providers. This is a must-attend for anyone involved in installing EV charging solutions.

Solar & Storage Live, SSL, solar, storage
Battery & Storage


Battery energy storage systems (BESS) are critical to supporting Australia's transition to net-zero – enabling greater penetration of variable renewable generation by maintaining grid stability and balancing supply with demand. This seminar covers the evolving storage technology landscape and the commercials driving the adoption. If your organization manufactures, installs or invests in battery storage technology, or you want to maximise the profitability of your existing assets, then you should attend.


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