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Why the BCEC?

BCEC is dedicated to integrating sustainable values and practices into its operations, aligning with the EarthCheck Company Standard. This commitment is underscored by the appointment of an EarthCheck Coordinator and the establishment of a Corporate Responsibility Team (CRT) focused on sustainability. Within this framework, risks are identified, and proactive measures are taken to ensure desired environmental and community outcomes. This aligns with the Queensland Government’s push for reduced omissions and a net zero target.

A key aspect of BCEC's sustainability efforts involves supporting local communities through fair trade practices and the empowerment of local employees. Additionally, the venue prioritizes sourcing environmentally sustainable products and services locally whenever feasible, further reducing its ecological footprint.

Furthermore, BCEC actively promotes its commitment to sustainability, including its EarthCheck Platinum Standard certification, to clients, guests, suppliers, and stakeholders. This advocacy extends to staff training, where sustainability is integrated into the venue's orientation program, departmental inductions, and yearly compliance training. Moreover, sustainability is a core component of BCEC's contractor induction program, ensuring that all parties involved in the venue's operations uphold its environmental and social responsibility standards. Through these comprehensive measures, BCEC demonstrates its unwavering dedication to sustainability and environmental stewardship.



Cnr Merivale St and Glenelg St, South Brisbane QLD 4101


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Whether you arrive by driving, walking or public transport, the BCEC is very easy to get to. View their website below.




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