Agenda Day 2


Power & Electricity World Vietnam 2019 Day Two


Organiser's welcome remarks


Chair’s opening remarks


Guest-of-Honour Keynote Address: A roadmap for intelligent power grid development

  • Preliminary successes with automating grid operation and enhance grid reliability
  • Working to digitise the grid and implement demand side management and demand response
  • Integrating renewable energy into the modernised grid
  • Cementing Vietnam’s energy future
Panel discussion

Enabling integration: Grid integration development update

  • The current status of grid connection for approved renewable energy plants
  • The future plan to ensure successful grid integration for renewable projects
  • Key initiatives to safeguard grid stability with higher penetration of renewables
Pablo Otin

Learning from international successes: Towards successful RE grid integratio

  • International grid integration success stories: What can Vietnam learn?
  • Technology transfer: What are the key technologies we need for effective RE grid integration?
  • Scaling RE grid integration at speed
  • Partnering for success: What do we need from a policy perspective?
Pablo Otin, Vice President, Emerging Markets, 8Minutenergy Renewables

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Tobias Cossen

Building smart grids: Trends and challenges

  • Getting started with smart grids
  • What can Vietnam learn from similar international smart grid development experiences?
  • How much existing infrastructure needs to be upgraded to enable real smart grid development in Vietnam?
Panel discussion

The smart city energy opportunity

  • Understanding the role of the utility & its partners in smart cities
  • Infrastructure developments necessary for success: Reworking the energy mix and distribution systems
  • Creating energy communities: Microgrid potential for effective smart city energy management
Barry Worthington, Executive Director, U.S. Energy Association

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Chair's welcome remarks

Panel discussion

Panel Discussion: Driving solar adoption at speed: Rooftop solar

  • The huge potential for rooftop solar in Vietnam and preliminary successes
  • Overcoming the major challenges: Combatting unclear grid code and lack of widespread smart metering
  • Getting large energy users on board
  • Creating power trading opportunities
Winnie Huynh, CEO, The Green Solutions
Panel discussion

Panel Discussion: Solar & storage: Creating reliable, renewable power

  • How storage can enhance solar in Vietnam
  • New technology: What are the latest solar technology innovations and how easy are they to deploy in Vietnam?
  • The economics of solar + storage in Vietnam: is it feasible?
Panel discussion

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Trong Oanh Nguyen

Floating solar: A new approach to solar power generation

Trong Oanh Nguyen, Chairman of the Board, Da Nhim - Ham Thuan - Da Mi Hydropower Joint Stock Company
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