Vortex Bladeless


Vortex Bladeless is a tech startup. We are developing an environmentaly friendly wind generator which needs no blades. It is a new technology designed for small wind on-site energy generation and distributed energy on residential areas, specially thought to work on grid, or off grid along other Vortex units or regular solar panels. Our vortex wind turbine is not actually a turbine, since it does not rotate. It is based on the phenomenon of aeroelastic resonance, harnessing energy from the wind on the emission of Von Karman’s vortexes, a process called Vortex Shedding. This way the device oscillates with a little movement which makes it perfect to be placed anywhere without lubricants nor disturbing wildlife. All physical principles of current wind machines are applied to Vortex as well, it is just a different way and, as we think, a better way of harness energy from wind.