Aims to provide safe and sustainable alternative green energy solutions to reducing temperature & carbon emissions, spread green environmental awareness, spread awareness of energy saving, and also contribute to reducing ambient air pollution by reducing fuel consumption and adopting a healthy lifestyle. Jadeed reduces energy waste, provides sustainable job opportunities, provides innovative ways to reuse energy by enabling cities to be sustainable through linking consumption to production in a sustainable way, Preserves nature in a sustainable way (SDGs), and reduces consumption rates. Boosting effective partnerships with organizations and companies to support and create sustainable behavior towards the environment and society


JADEED is a startup company that provides alternative green energy solutions that reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. Through its innovative design, the Green Turbo (hydrogen cell) converts water into hydrogen.
After 8 years of research and development, Jadeed reached a new disruptive design that provides the perfect balance between Quality and price, as its quality exceeds the quality of other hydrogen solutions.
As for the price, it represents 20% to 30% of the price of other hydrogen solutions. Green Turbo has a longer expected lifespan and can be maintained and used for additional years, unlike any other solution/product, which has no re-maintenance and a shorter lifetime.
Green Turbo stands out with Internet of Things technology, which offers unprecedented benefits for individuals, traffic managers, and operators in companies.


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