Smart grids. Smart metering. Smart Customers


Global utilities are all striving to transform and become “smarter”. Filipino utilities are no exception. And they are desperately looking for new technology, innovations and partners to help them achieve their goals.

Utilities are embracing new technology to help them become more data driven, conservation conscious and more customer centric. They are looking for smart grids, smart metering and demand management tools. They are also searching for emerging technologies that can help them improve efficiency across their operations: IOT, drones, VR, AI.

With 90% electrification, a 100-million strong population and a fast growing economy, the Philippines’ energy industry is truly a land of opportunity. 7,000MW of generation capacity will be added in the next 5 years, and power generation capacity will be doubled by 2030. To meet the growing demand utilities need to work smarter, adopt new technologies and become more data orientated.


The Philippines market poses a huge opportunity for technology vendors.

The Smart Energy Show Philippines

Now in its 6th year, The Smart Energy Show is part of largest energy event in The Philippines.

Bringing together more than 8,000 stakeholders, including leading policymakers, regulators, local industry heavyweights, international energy experts and world class technology and solution providers.

The show also includes a buzzing exhibition, across two floors, showcasing the latest technology in the energy industry. There is simply no better place for you to connect with the industry.

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