Seamless Payments

Seamless payments brings together the entire banking, government and enterprise payment ecosystem to discuss, debate and evaluate alternative payment strategies and technologies. Tackling the biggest challenges and opportunities in the industry including omni-channel digital payments and processing, KYC, AML, security to name just a few. Seamless Payments is the one regional platform where the industry comes to shop and deals get done.

Seamless Fintech

Fintech is changing the banking, government and financial services industry at an unprecedented rate as consumers and business adapt to new ways of transacting. Seamless will bring together an entire ecosystem of investors to discuss, debate and evaluate an international showcase of new products and services. It will also tackle the biggest challenges and opportunities in the industry such as driving financial inclusion, digital banking, blockchain, Insurtech, A.I., customer experience and engagement.

Seamless Banking

A new era of banking is upon us. Quite simply, consumers demand more. AI, ML, analytics, automation, APIs and open banking technologies are just a few of the things changing the banking landscape. Seamless will expose you to the latest technologies, new ideas and best practice business models from across the globe.


2023 SPONSORS ٢٠٢٣ الرُّعاة لعام

Meet the world's most innovative payments and commerce technology providers




2023 SPEAKERS ٢٠٢٣ المتحدّثون




The conference المؤتمر

كافّة العناصر المصرفية والحكومية والمؤسساتية لأنظمة الدّفع من أجل مناقشة الاستراتيجيات والتقنيات البديلة لحلول الدفع وتقييمها Seamless تجمع

Seamless Payments Saudi Arabia brings together the entire banking, government and enterprise payment eco-system to discuss, debate, and evaluate alternative payments strategies and technologies across two action-packed days. 
 PAYMENTS المدفوعات
Tackling the industry’s biggest challenges and opportunities in including a cashless kingdom, merchant payments, digital wallets, cross border payments, and more.
Fintech conference stream FINTECH التقنية المالية
From financial inclusion, eKYC, digital currencies and financial regulation, we're covering the finance industry’s greatest technological advancements.
Insurance Conference Stream INSURTECH تكنولوجيا التأمين
Bringing together insurers, fintechs and innovators to debate, collaborate and uncover what the future holds for this hyper-competitive vertical.
Next Gen Security conference stream NEXT GEN SECURITY الجيل التالي من جدران الحماية
Discover how the digital revolution continues to change payment processing technologies in becoming more secure, scalable and cloud agnostic
Banking Innovation conference stream BANKING INNOVATION
Discover open banking, digital banking, challenger banks, bank branches, credit and lending and so much more.




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