Gasmee Corporation


Gasmee provides a fuel delivery service to consumers in the Philippines. We launched our service with a location based app for Andriod and iOS, providing an instant gratification service. Our vision for this business is to connect car owners and fuel players and will be ubiquitous in the coming years, and that this will enable a lot of value added services. Gasmee is an on-demand service for fuel delivery. It will revolutionize the traditional way of filling up vehicle that hasn’t change for so many decades. Gasmee will address many challenges in the road like traffic, long road travel without fuelling service stations, and just mainly forget to fuel up before you leave your house or office. So why waste time to go to a fuelling station if you can just order a fuel using your finger tips. Why the Fuel Delivery Service Modern day is all about convenience and time efficiency. We want to sit comfortably at home and still achieve something without having to get stuck in traffic. Over the last few years, technology, internet connection, and smartphones have improved rapidly and we are so used to it now that phone applications like Uber, Amazon Shopping, and Netflix became incredibly popular thanks to the convenience they offer. Gasmee Fuel Delivery Service is a future solution to mobilisation and energy-saving.