Trung Kien Nguyen | Project Developer
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Trung Kien Nguyen, Project Developer, UPC Renewables - Vietnam

About Nguyen Trung Kien:
- 11 years in oil and gas exploration, working in Southeast Asia  and Middle East as a Maintenance Specialist/ Field Engineer/ Country Supervisor-Representative…
- Joined UPC 10-2017 as a Project Developer

About UPC:
- UPC Renewables is part of the UPC Group, a privately owned wind energy developer with a successful track record of implementing over 2,000 megawatts (“MW”) of wind energy projects in Europe, North Africa, Asia and the USA. Ongoing development activities are in North Africa, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Australia, India and the Philippines. UPC has 20 years of experience in renewable energy.
- Website:
- Sector: renewable energy, especially WIND
- Projects: in more than 11 countries including Vietnam
- Looking for partners/suppliers: consultant, logistics, construction, turbine suppliers….


Day One - Power VN @ 11:40

Vietnam – a challenging, yet promising market: Achieving Vietnam’s 500GW+ wind potential

  • The business case for wind energy in Vietnam: Economic viability and potential
  • Learning from the success stories of other regional nations
  • Market framework and dynamics
  • Key hurdles of wind power development in Vietnam
  • Investments needed to close the gap

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