Quang Vu | Technical Head
Swire Cold Storage | Vietnam

Quang Vu, Technical Head, Swire Cold Storage

Mr. Quang graduated Polytechnic University of Ho Chi Minh City in 1999 and began working for Swire Cold Storage shortly thereafter as a refrigeration engineer. After 2 years, he was appointed to be the technical manager of the Company. He is responsible for all technical activities of the Company include Refrigeration, Electrical Engineering and Material Handling Equipment. Mr. Quang has attended various training at the highest technical courses in Vietnam and abroad. With extensive experience and ability to grasp new technology, he is one of the most important employees in the company. His experience is has been further developed in the design and construction of our 4 warehouse expansions from 1998-2007. Currently, Mr. Quang is in charge of a maintenance team of more than 15 skilled technicians.


Day Two - Power VN @ 15:40

Panel Discussion: Commercial and industrial solar: Forecasting the business opportunity in Vietnam

  • Are current FITs and incentives attractive enough?
  • Can this sector be competitive without subsidies?
  • Winning the hearts of C&I facility owners to install solar panels on their roofs
  • Streamlining net metering and grid interconnection
  • The power of aggregation of demand

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