Nam A Bank


Nam A Commercial Joint Stock Bank was officially put into operation on October 21st, 1992 and was one of the first commercial banks to be established after the Banking Ordinance was issued in 1990 in the context of economic reform in Vietnam. After 23 years of development, facilities, technologies, sciences, techniques and network of Nam A Bank have been expanded and enhanced more and more in association with great improvements in living standard of employees and prestige of Nam A Bank.

At the time of establishment, Nam A Bank had only 3 branches with charter capital of 5 billion VND and about 50 employees. For many years of difficulties and challenges, Nam A Bank has endlessly developed to own a network of 60 transaction offices nationwide. Moreover, current charter capital and number of employees of Nam A Bank are 600 times and 27 times higher than those in 1992, respectively. Most of Nam A Bank’s employees are young, dynamic and highly qualified that trained domestically and overseas. 

At present, Nam A Bank aims to become one of modern banks in Vietnam based on fast, strong, safe and effective development, as well as one of the country-leading banks to make endless contribution of socio-economic development.