SoEasy (Xiamen) Photovoltaic Technology Co.,Ltd


To provide our customers with value-maximized service" was our concept idea when we started SoEasy. This comes from our strong desire to contribute our small bit to the globalefforts in finding solutions for utilizing renewable energies for the greatergood of human kind. The urgency of finding greener and safer energy sources dueto ongoing environmental deterioration and imminent depletion of fossil fuelsis a challenged faced and subject studied by global society. We, SoEasy, also humbly joined this great cause.

Our business activities include but are notlimited to investment, development, construction, operation and maintenance ofsolar pv power plants. Our particular technical expertise is in providingoptimized solar farm construction solutions with our self-developed “SoEasy”solar racking systems and machinery for piling and mounting of solar panels, aswell as peripheral hardware items for solar farm construction. Apart from mechanicalproducts, we also provide power storage systems for various small to mediumscale utilizations.