Asia Power & Energy Summit

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Asia Power & Energy Summit, Monday 20 May 2019


Organiser’s Welcome

Panel discussion

PANEL: The State of the Digital Utility

  • The future lies in the digital realm: Getting utilities up to speed with digitization levels of other industries
  • Emerging technologies: Opportunities & value creation
  • What getting it right means for your business
  • The traits of a successful digital transformation: Securing management buy-in, adopting digital ways of working, attracting and retaining talent, modernizing the IT architecture and environment

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Mr Antonio Castellano

KEYNOTE: Opportunities and Challenges for Digital in Utilities with a Focus on Southeast Asia

Panel discussion

PANEL: Blockchain: Behind the Hype

  • A new playing field: How incumbents can keep up with blockchain-enabled challengers
  • Addressing scalability concerns: Energy use, security and governance
  • Reducing costs for public agencies through blockchain: Streamlining verification and data indexing and reducing inaccuracies to mitigate need for a central verification agency
  • Increasing efficiency in peer-to-peer generation and distribution through blockchain-enabled micro-grids
  • Boosting rural electrification through blockchain-enabled cooperative infrastructures
  • Balancing supply and demand through real-time transactions: Reducing oversupply and responding quickly to shortages
  • Effective management of infrastructure for maintenance and security
  • Coordination of electric vehicle charging stations: Energy deployment and payment solutions
Panel discussion

PANEL: Data and Analytics: Successful Analytics Transformation

  • Why now for AI?: Lower costs, greater amounts of data and powerful algorithms
  • Harnessing the value of AI: Understanding what it can do, what applications exist, and how to successfully integrate them into your business
  • Turning low adoption rates around
  • Optimising business processes from load forecasting, lead management and mitigating energy theft
  • Back to the customer: How AI can transform user experiences through minimizing churn, empowering customers through energy trading and revolutionising customer service
Mr Aladino Borja Jr, Vice President – Information Technology Services Distribution Group, Aboitiz Power Corporation

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Dr Varun Sivaram

KEYNOTE: How to Realize Solar Energy's Vast Potential - Before It Is Too Late

Panel discussion

PANEL: Global Investment Trends

  • Falling costs and energy investment
  • Energy efficiency as a key growth sector
  • Boosting global investment in renewable electricity to double to meet sustainable development goals
  • Affordability, security and sustainability: reconciling aspirational targets with investors’ requirements
  • Strong stakeholder engagement to facilitate access to finance: cooperation government, national financing vehicles, development finance institutions and the private sector is key to meeting energy investment targets
Mr Vishwanathan Iyer

Bronze Sponsor Address: Accelerating clean energy for Philippines: Perspective from a global renewable leader


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Mr Yoshimitsu Umahashi

KEYNOTE: All About the Customer: The Digital Customer Experience

  • The customer journey as the key to digital organisation
  • Reimagining the ideal customer experience by adopting a digital-first mindset
  • How utilities can secure customer loyalty through reshaped customer experiences as the era of energy choice approaches
  • Key traits of “customer obsessed” companies
  • Looking inward: Value creation through optimising the internal customer experience
Panel discussion

PANEL: Getting Smarter: Smart Grids, Smart Utilities and a Smart Future

  • Smart grid investment as the foundation of a secure energy future
  • Incentivising and mandating smart grid development through regulation
  • Electromobility as a catalyst to smart grid energy management and investments
  • Designing a true smart utility network: Reconciling regulatory and technology standpoints
  • Why Southeast Asia is an innovator in the smart grid and utility game
  • Southeast Asian investment: How leading countries can jumpstart regional progress
Mr Ronald Chan, AVP - Network Communications (ITSG), AboitizPower Distribution Business Group

Networking Cocktail Reception

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Asia Power & Energy Summit, Tuesday 21 May 2019


Organiser’s welcome

Panel discussion

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Panel discussion

PANEL: Financing Power & Energy Projects in Asia

  • Green infrastructure investment vehicles for power and energy projects
  • Who will finance coal projects: How immediate is the threat of stranded coal assets?
  • Renewable energy assets: How comfortable are Asian institutional investors with then as an asset class?
  • The renewed push for LNG project investment: Will liberalisation of Asia’s LNG markets address lenders’ and investors’ reluctance to take on long-term commitments?
  • Merchant projects: Can development banks take the lead, and will local banks soon follow?
  • Delving into the investor mindset: Designing bankable projects by aligning project fundamentals with investors’ requirements
Panel discussion

PANEL: Developer Perspectives

  • The future of the FIT regime
  • Turning things around: The challenge of unbankable projects
  • The technology cost parity hurdle: Why high cost of initial investment still presents a financing challenge
  • Creating partnerships: What do leading developers look for when choosing partners? What key traits do partners look for when deciding to work with developers?
  • Building community relationships for smooth project development
Mr Holger Schenk

Gold Sponsor Address: Harvesting Solar Energy is Getting Easier

  • Impacting whole project development and procurement through complete solar solutions in utility, C&I and residential segments
  • Effectively reducing the levelized cost of electricity(LCOE)

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Mr Ivan Poerwowidjojo

KEYNOTE: Accelerating the World’s Transition to Sustainable Energy

Mr Wymen Chan

PANEL: Risk Mitigation in Developing Renewable Energy Projects

  • Mitigating project risk: Securing capital through early-stage cooperation between developers and investors to accurately identify risks to increase bankability and eventual profitability
  • Is multilateral participation still a prerequisite for investing in emerging markets?
  • Protecting against non-commercial risks to investments in developing countries
  • The policy landscape: Will lenders support projects without guaranteed Feed-in-Tariffs? Will auctions give investors greater confidence? How can regulatory structures be made more robust to assure investors of checks and balances? Does the Philippines’ “first come, first served” policy discourage lenders, and how much extra risk does it add?
Panel discussion

PANEL: Rural Electrification in the Philippines

  • On track for 2022: Government regulations driving progress
  • Fostering successful private sector partnerships to meet electrification goals
  • The role of decentralised solutions to improving energy access
  • Micro-grid development: Exploring this great potential and its challenges
  • Ensuring reliability through off-grid wind and diesel hybrid power
  • Tapping into Philippines’ enormous geothermal potential to meet rural electrification targets: Enabling frameworks for investments when FITs are in jeopardy
Panel discussion

PANEL: Corporate Leaders in Renewable Energy

  • Making new deals: how the private sector and governments can harness the power of renewables
  • Setting big goals, creating innovative solutions and addressing barriers
  • Sharing the compelling business case for renewables and spurring peer-to-peer learning

Winner's Presentation: Energy Innovation Arena Start-Up Competition

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