Viren Mahurkar | Founder And Chairman
HitchinRock Advisors | United Kingdom

Viren Mahurkar, Founder And Chairman, HitchinRock Advisors

Viren Mahurkar, Founder and Chairman at
HitchinRock Advisors, specializes in deals, investments and economics in the
healthcare sector.  Over the course of
his career, Mr Mahurkar has held senior leadership positions in both healthcare
and investment banking.  He brings a
global perspective, having lived and worked in London, New York and Singapore.
At HitchinRock Advisors, Mr Mahurkar keeps
a keen eye on assets and exposures relating to new biomedical technologies and
commercially promising biomedical assets across therapeutic segments.  He has worked with several investors and biotechs
across the US, Europe and Asia focused on capital introductions and exit
He was previously Regional
Director Business Development Asia at Novartis Alcon, Director Regional
Business Development Europe at Pfizer and SVP Global Business Development Wockhardt, EVP and Head – Healthcare, Technology and Consumer Investment Banking at
ICICI Securities and held key roles at Standard Chartered Bank and Citibank.  



Phar East 2020 Agenda Day Three @ 14:00

Panel: Attracting early-stage capital: What are VCs looking for in biotech investments in Asia?

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