Sebastian Stolzenberg | Postdoctoral Project Leader
Freie University of Berlin | Germany

Sebastian Stolzenberg, Postdoctoral Project Leader, Freie University of Berlin

Dr. Stolzenberg is a post-doctoral researcher at Free University Berlin with the expertise to solve molecular mechanisms of proteins using Molecular Dynamics simulations and Machine Learning, publishing in journals like Nature, PNAS, and Nature Communications. Originally trained as a physicist at Heidelberg University in Germany, he continued his studies with a Fulbright scholarship at Cornell University in the USA, from where he also graduated with a Master and Ph.D. in Physics.


Phar East 2020 Agenda Day One @ 16:30

Molecular insights into key mechanistic steps of an adaptive immune response

Phar East 2020 Agenda Day Three @ 11:30

Panel: Future opportunities for pharma and academia to jointly shape healthcare

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