Jimmy Yen Chu Lin | Chief Executive Officer
Insilico Medicine Taiwan | Taiwan

Jimmy Yen Chu Lin, Chief Executive Officer, Insilico Medicine Taiwan

Yen-Chu Lin obtained his PhD from ETH Zurich (Switzerland) working at Gisbert
Schneider lab where he pioneered in the peptide research field adopting machine
learning approaches combining with experimental-lead strategies or with
pharmacology-driven concepts to multidimensionally design peptides with desired
activities and selectivity. His post-doc with Sir David Lane and Gregory Verdine focused on developing
peptides and mini-proteins targeting critical protein-protein interaction in
cancers by diversity-oriented biological techniques. He has published several influential papers in
high-impact journals in computational chemistry and chemical biology field. In 2018 he joined Insilico Taiwan, as CSO leading the research efforts in the company. He now assumes the role of
CEO of Insilico Taiwan looking after RD and BD activities of Insilico Medicine
in Asia markets. He was Study Abroad Scholarship scholar from
2011-2013. He holds bachelor's degree in pharmacy and chemistry and master's
degree in pharmacology both from National Taiwan University.


Phar East 2020 Agenda Day Two @ 11:30

Fireside chat: Building a biotech company – Challenges and successes

Phar East 2020 Agenda Day Three @ 09:30

Next generation of artificial intelligence for drug discovery

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