Huren Sivaraj | Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founder
Oncoshot Ltd | Singapore

Huren Sivaraj, Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founder, Oncoshot Ltd

Dr Huren Sivaraj is a Medical Oncologist and physician-entrepreneur. He is the CEO and Co-founder of Oncoshot - a Cancer Clinical Trial Matching Tool and Collaborative Platform for Oncologists. 
As an Oncologist, Dr Huren cares for patients with a broad range of solid tumour diagnoses and was a Principal Investigator in an effort utilising Next Generation Sequencing to study genomic profiles of patients with Breast Cancer in Singapore.
Dr Huren's understanding of challenges faced by physicians in clinical trial search, alongside his interest in the application of  Machine Learning, led to the development of Oncoshot's unique clinical
trial matching tool in May 2019. This eligibility-weighted tool is used by Oncologists within Asia today. Oncoshot's work has now evolved to solve high impact problems within the Asian clinical trial ecosystems by addressing the unique needs of multiple stakeholders such as cancer care providers, regulatory bodies and industry.


Phar East 2020 Agenda Day One @ 13:00

Singapore’s cancer clinical trials ecosystem – Challenges and solutions for stakeholders

last published: 09/Dec/20 03:45 GMT

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