Sarah Spence | Positive Behaviour Coach (Det Vic), Apbs Victorian Chair, Aase National Secretary
Department of Education & Training

Sarah Spence, Positive Behaviour Coach (Det Vic), Apbs Victorian Chair, Aase National Secretary, Department of Education & Training

Sarah Spence is a School-wide Positive Behaviour Coach for the Department of Education Victoria. 
She also holds the positions of;
•    Victorian Chair - Association of Positive Behaviour Support Australia (APBSA)
•    National Secretary - Australian Association of Special Education (AASE)
•    Casual Lecturer – University of Melbourne

She has worked in a range of roles within education for 28 years including Teacher (Primary, Secondary, Special Education in both Government and Independent Schools), Lead Teacher, Principal, Head of School and State-wide Coordinator.
She holds a Master’s in Education (Special Education), Bachelor of Education, Professional Certificate in Positive Education, as well as various other professional certificates and behavioural qualifications.
She has been the recipient of various educational awards including VCAA Teacher of the Year Victoria, ISS Institute Fellowship, and runner up of the prestigious Lindsay Thompson award, and has presented both Nationally and Internationally on the subjects of Education, Positive Behaviour Support, Challenging Behaviour, Video Self Modelling, and School-based TV.


Day 1 @ 19:00

Understanding why behaviour occurs to develop successful Prevent-Teach-Reinforce interventions

Day 1 @ 19:30

Behaviour Interventions 101

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