Michael Valentine | Director Of Distance Learning
Hale School

Michael Valentine, Director Of Distance Learning, Hale School

Michael has spent the past 6 years designing two highly innovative online programmes for students across Western Australia and around the world. His Hale@home pre-boarding programme has transformed the transition to boarding school forever for students in rural communities and overseas. Whilst Hale Future School, provides remote rural school students and teachers with the opportunity to connect with one another and with schools in the city and across the world. It is Michael’s conviction that Distance Learning can transform teaching and learning in all classrooms. Michael has designed a presentation which demonstrates how his teaching and learning model inspires richly interactive virtual-sessions where students showcase their collaborative project work with audiences across the world in lively, collaborative teaching moments. Learning is leaving the building!


Day 1 @ 15:30

Building dynamic online communities in all classrooms for transformative 21st C teaching and learning

last published: 16/Apr/20 00:36 GMT

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