Fiona Webster | Assistant Principal
Virtual School Victoria

Fiona Webster, Assistant Principal, Virtual School Victoria

Fiona Webster is an Assistant Principal at Virtual School Victoria.  She has an MSL and post graduate qualifications in online learning, multimedia and leadership.  Her major area of responsibility is curriculum development and pedagogy in the online context. Currently her role is focussed on the DET’s VCE Expansion into Rural and Regional Victoria Initiative and the establishment of the Victorian High-Ability Unit at Virtual School Victoria. Prior to undertaking the Assistant Principal role Fiona was an Innovation Leader with DET where she worked on projects concerned with rural education, learning spaces and the wider workforce.  Fiona’s teaching experience was predominantly in rural schools in Victoria and NSW.  She is passionate about equity of access to quality education for all students regardless of their location or personal circumstances. Fiona is the co-secretary of AADES (Australasian Association of Distance Education Schools).


Day 1 @ 11:00

Preparing students for success in a virtual classroom

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