Fiona Long | Head Of Middle School
Northside Christian College

Fiona Long, Head Of Middle School, Northside Christian College

Fiona has 25 years experience in education, specifically in the independent schools sector in Queensland.  Her experience includes classroom teaching, curriculum leadership and, for the past six years, she has been in senior leadership as Head of Middle School at Northside Christian College in Brisbane.

Fiona is an educator who is passionate about leadership, lifelong learning, staff development and shaping students to be innovative and autonomous thinkers.  She is somewhat of a futurist in that she has a passion for finding alternative pathways to engage and educate students. She is passionate about Design Thinking as a mindset as well as a skill set for future proofing students, learning to embrace failure and build resilience.  

Thinker. Presenter. Joiner of dots. Passionate educator. Lifelong learner. Embracer of discomfort.  Frustrated futurist.


Day 1 @ 14:00

Disruptive Design – Not just a Process, but a Mindset!

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