Miller EV Solutions

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Miller EV Solutions is a leading provider of comprehensive electric vehicle (EV) charging and infrastructure solutions. As a cross-functional team within Miller Electric Company, we leverage over 95 years of experience in electrical contracting and critical infrastructure to deliver turnkey solutions for businesses, governments, and communities.

Our services encompass every aspect of EV infrastructure development, including:

  • Planning and Design: We collaborate with clients to assess their needs, develop customized charging solution plans, and ensure seamless integration with existing electrical systems.
  • Installation: Our skilled electricians install EV charging stations, electrical infrastructure, and related equipment to the highest industry standards.
  • Maintenance and Service: We provide ongoing maintenance, repairs, and upgrades to ensure the optimal performance and longevity of EV charging infrastructure and technology.
  • Fleet Electrification: We assist businesses in transitioning their fleets to electric, offering guidance on charger selection, load management, and infrastructure development.
  • Education and Consulting: We offer educational resources and consulting services to help organizations understand the benefits of EV adoption and navigate the complexities of electrification.

With a national reach and a network of branch offices, Miller EV Solutions is committed to accelerating the transition to sustainable transportation and building a future powered by clean energy.

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