Miocar is a not-for-profit public carsharing service incorporated in 2020 in the State of California with the mission to advance affordable transportation in the San Joaquin Valley.

Miocar is a type of carsharing called “roundtrip carsharing” - as mentioned above, the vehicle must be brought back to the location where the member first reserved the vehicle. Miocar’s vehicle fleet is primarily battery electric vehicles but we also utilize plug in hybrid and hybrid vehicles. Using all electric and hybrid vehicles helps keep costs down for Miocar, Miocar’s members and offers cleaner transportation option. Because Miocar’s system utilizes BEV vehicles some of the standard practice of carsharing network locations is
changed - it is initially harder often harder to locate vehicles in locations that are 1/4-¾ mile from each other.

Miocar’s service is available 24/7 to members. Members will access Miocar’s carsharing service and reservation system through a smartphone application called ZEV Coop downloaded from either the Google Store or Apple store. The app is functional on both Apple and Android based smartphones. Members can sign up, manage their account, make reservations and access the vehicle (lock & unlock) with their smartphone. They never have to touch the vehicle keys. Miocar staff are also available 24/7 to support members - during business hours (9:00am-5:00pm) staff can help members with any booking, billing, system, admin related issues. After business hours (5:00pm-8:59am) staff are on an “emergency on-call” basis which means account and finance questions cannot be addressed; only serious emergencies like accidents, lock-outs, dead batteries, malfunctioning batteries or chargers, etc. can be addressed.