In today's world, 96% of all new cars are connected. This connectivity has become a lucrative opportunity for vehicle manufacturers, who are currently the exclusive "owners" of this data. This dominance in data ownership is projected to generate a revenue of $750 billion by 2030. Yet, the driver, the primary source of this data, sees no benefit …

The EU Data Act of 27 November 2023 changes this! This act re-empowers the driver, placing them at the center of vehicle data control. For LinkedCar, consumers, and mobility partners – insurers, lease companies, roadside assistance providers, etc – this is a pivotal moment.

On the business side, the vehicle data challenge has been twofold. Firstly, mobility partners have faced limited or no access to crucial vehicle data, hampering their ability to offer tailored services. Secondly, even when data is accessible, user consent issues often arise, hindering data utilization.

LinkedCar's solution uniquely breaks down these data silos, ensuring fair comprehensive vehicle data access while seamlessly managing user consent.

Then there's the issue of vehicle data from the perspective of individuals. It's a significant concern, as 92% of consumers think that vehicle owners should have control over who sees their vehicle's data, yet this isn't what's happening in practice. FIA (Federation Internationale de l’Automobile) did in September a consumer study  amongst 11.000 respondents. 61% of respondents do not remember authorizing car data use by their vehicle manufacturer. 

By giving individuals control over their vehicle data and the choice of sharing it, LinkedCar can empower individuals and emphasize the importance of data privacy. It will also promote the ideals of a shared economy, where data are shared for mutual benefit and monetization.

Aligned with the EU Data Act and advancing towards Tokenization Europe 2025, LinkedCar is not just compliant; we're leading the change in ensuring fair, profitable transactions for all stakeholders. We will democratize access to vehicle data -  your data is yours, and your vehicle is part of a larger, interconnected, and ethical ecosystem.