bdtronic is a globally operating mechanical engineering company who is shaping the future of mobility with process solutions for autonomous, safe and comfortable driving and for alternative powertrains.


bdtronic is a one-stop shop for the most critical processes for battery and electric motor assembly. With more than 4,800 installed machines, bdtronic is one of the world‘s leading machine manufacturers for dispensing, impregnation of electric motors, heat staking and plasma technology. bdtronic employs more than 450 people worldwide at eight subsidiaries in the Americas, Europe and Asia including five production facilities in the USA, Germany and Italy.


We have 40+ years of experience in our four core technologies and are a supplier of process solutions for many applications in the e-mobility. Our dispensing, plasma and heat staking technology can be applied to protect automotive electronics from environmental stress, enhance high-performance thermal management, fix radomes in radar housings and so on. bdtronic’s impregnation and powder coating technology is imperative to increase heat dissipation and boost performance of electric motors