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Established in 2008, the ENTERTAINER business is a global engagement and rewards solutions provider.
We create easy-to-use and cost-effective App platforms that help connect businesses with their customers and employees.
Our business solutions can help you: 
  • Drive customer and employee loyalty through digital rewards and incentives.
  • Get insight into your customers’ and employee preferences to help you determine what best motivates them to make a purchase.
  • Drive customer-centric communication and engagement strategies. Deliver personalised savings and promotions to customers, through features such as advanced CRM and our direct marketing channels.
  • Package your rewards and incentives with the option of including ENTERTAINER 2-for-1 deals that span across multiple categories across 200 destinations worldwide. 
Each platform can be adapted to suit any businesses, no matter what their size or objectives. Clients are able to pick from a variety of features that best serve their brand and budget, regardless of size or industry.
The App solutions are fully customisable and may be white labelled, co-branded or even embedded into any businesses’ existing app.
The ENTERTAINER business works with more than 250 partners globally and is now in 200 countries with offices in the UAE, London, Singapore, South Africa and Hong Kong.