William Adeney | Vice President
OgilvyRED | Singapore

William Adeney, Vice President, OgilvyRED

Will leads Ogilvy's Market Intelligence and Data Sciences and Customer Engagement practice across Asia, helping clients harness the power of data to build brands, customer engagement & helping marketing organizations leverage opportunities presented by data. Will’s award winning experience in Market Research, Brand Planning, Marketing Communications Strategy and Data Analytics has made him a recognized leader in 360 omni-channel marketing, enabling Global marketers to achieve their goals through Customer Insight and data. An exceptional thinker and doer. Will is known for constantly applying deep knowledge and creative thinking to innovate. Specialties: Visionary Leadership, Strategic Consulting, Marketing Strategy, Digital Marketing, Marketing Analytics, Technology & Process Improvement.


LEAD 2017 - Day Two @ 15:40

Using customer data to build a useful customer journey map

  • Why telcos and banks can use a scorch-the-earth approach to customer journey mapping, and why it’s pointless for other industry sectors to try and imitate them
  • How to rank touchpoints by importance so as not to be overwhelmed by the ‘experiential’ aspect of marketing
  • How to develop a cross-functional map that clarifies the customer journey to all internal departments that affect the customer journey

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