Tran (Andy) Nguyen | Director of Marketing and Corporate Development
TIKI.VN | Vietnam

Tran (Andy) Nguyen, Director of Marketing and Corporate Development, TIKI.VN

Nguyen (Andy) Tran is Head of Marketing and Corporate Development at Tiki Corporation, Vietnam’s largest domestic ecommerce company. Trained in data analytics at Duke University, Andy aims to leverage machine learning to deliver more values to Tiki’s customers, by personalized each message and offering in such a way that it resonates the most with them. Before Tiki, Andy was the founding Head of Data Analytics at Lazada Vietnam, and has worked at various private equity and venture capital funds. His ultimate goal is to coax data into telling their stories, and use those stories to make the world a better place.


LEAD 2017 - Day Two @ 14:20

Practical uses of machine learning: A case study from Tiki Vietnam

  • How machine learning helped Tiki Vietnam target customers that are most likely to respond to ads
  • How Tiki Vietnam built a machine-learning model to segment its email database and reduce email wastage
  • The practical limitations of machine learning: Why machine learning can’t help you if you don’t know where to look

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