Shyanne Browning | Senior Manager, Customer Experience
Funding Societies | Singapore

Shyanne Browning, Senior Manager, Customer Experience, Funding Societies

Shyanne has spent the last decade leading several customer facing teams in service excellence and championing the voice of customers at organizations like International Baccalaureate and Canon Singapore, where the service culture and innovation initiatives won Canon the acclaimed Service Medallion in 2015. She now drives the customer experience piece in the leading P2P lending marketplace in South-East Asia, focusing on nurturing service centricity, organizational culture and digital personalization within the FinTech landscape.


LEAD 2017 - Day Two @ 14:40

Engaging with customer reviews: What’s the best strategy?

  • Should you engage with trolls?
  • How do you deal with customers who have publicly criticized you?
  • Should customers who’ve complimented you be rewarded?

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