Shifali Jamwal | Head of Social Media Marketing
HipVan | Singapore

Shifali Jamwal, Head of Social Media Marketing, HipVan

Shifali is currently heading social media marketing for HipVan. That is not what she had in mind when she graduated from NUS as a Mechanical Engineer. While still in university she was asked to join Bank of America Merrill Lynch by her weekend professor who was also a director in the bank. Shifali worked in the bank as a Vendor Manager overseeing technology vendors all over Asia, in the Global Markets Technology & Operations department. Soon she realised that she wanted to add more value and decided to join a start-up. One start-up that stood out to her was HipVan, that had a young, vibrant team of founders who were looking to conquer. She was the first employee to be hired by HipVan. Starting as a buyer, then category manager, then marketing and finally social media marketing, she has had a good overview of functioning of different departments. She understands the working of different channels and is always thinking out of the box to make magic happen.


LEAD 2017 - Day One @ 13:40

Which social media channels offer the best prospects for organic reach?

  • What does it take to gain organic reach on Facebook?
  • What does it take to get views on YouTube?
  • Which social media platforms are most brand-friendly?
  • Which platforms are most cost-effective?

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