Peter Haarmark | Chief Executive Officer
Ydigital Asia | Indonesia

Peter Haarmark, Chief Executive Officer, Ydigital Asia

In the past 10 years, Peter has successfully led teams of various sizes in both local and global companies. In 2014, Peter crossed the bridge from Europe to Asia, inspired by the opportunity to help Indonesian businesses succeed online. Having a background in the mobile and web start-up scene in Denmark, Peter has a strong understanding of product development and project management and he knows how to make multinational teams excel.


LEAD 2017 - Pre-Conference Workshop @ 09:00

Country Clinic 1: Indonesia

  • Meet Indonesia: A primer on the country, its culture and its people
  • Landscape, channels, and user behavior: A walkthrough of the key digital and mobile channels that Indonesians use, and how brands can engage with consumers on them
  • Digital playbook 101: What content works on digital platforms
  • Media buying in Indonesia: Where to advertise, how to buy ads, and how much they cost
  • Engaging offline: How print media, OOH and Television should be used in Indonesia
  • Cases of success: An overview of some of the best marketing in Indonesia

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