Patrick Young | Insights Director
Kadence Singapore | Singapore

Patrick Young, Insights Director, Kadence Singapore

Patrick has over 10 years of international research experience having lived and worked in Europe, Australia and Singapore. Patrick has worked on a range of business issues including target exploration, market penetration, brand positioning, concept testing, and creative evaluation. With a depth of experience in large scale, international research, Patrick has managed and undertaken fieldwork in the UK and overseas – including a range of diverse countries such as Russia, China, India and Nigeria – to provide clients with crucial answers to critical questions about concept testing, brand positioning, innovation, communications and marketing. He in experienced in moderating qualitative research and insight workshops in Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia, using a variety of qualitative methodologies, including: insight discovery workshops, in-depth interviews, online communities, focus groups and ethnographic visits. Patrick has co-authored a range of papers and lectures on the importance of creativity, psychology and storytelling in business. With a passion for sharing knowledge and developing talent, he has spoken at a number of universities and conferences including UNSW, Macquarie University, and ESOMAR and has been a visiting lecturer at the University of Kent. He has recently co-authored a book on Workshops – Nobody Wants a Hammer - on how to make the most of insight-led workshops.


LEAD 2017 - Day One @ 13:20

How simple technology permits just-in-time research to track moments that matter, and why you should be investing in it

  • Why the smallest differentiators are what make or break brands
  • Why tracking the smallest moments, with results just-in-time, can lead to insights of disproportionate importance
  • Overcome the traditional barriers of market research through the use of simple technology
  • How technologies like 360-degree cameras and Camera Glasses allow you to track micro-moments that matter

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