Ophenia Liang | Co-Founder and Director
Digital Crew | Australia

Ophenia Liang, Co-Founder and Director, Digital Crew

Ophenia Liang is the Co-founder & Director of Digital Crew. Liang is a specialist digital marketer into China with both academic and practical experience across the APAC region. She has assisted key global brands to enter and grow in the Chinese market through her strategic planning, execution and evaluation. She is also a highly sought-after speaker, as a result of her knowledge and digital marketing expertise selling into Asian markets, particularly China. Liang’s area of expertise covers Chinese marketing, team management, account management, strategic planning, international media planning, PPC (GAP Qualified), Baidu SEM (Senior consultant), SEO, social media and web analytics. She holds a public relations degree from Sun Yat-Sen University, a Masters in Marketing from Melbourne University and is an accredited translator with the National Authority of Translators and Interpreters. Liang is also a guest Chinese Curator for the Global Society of Digital Agencies (SoDA).


LEAD 2017 - Pre-Conference Workshop @ 11:30

Country Clinic 3: China

  • Overview of the current digital media landscape in China
  • What is WeChat, and, more importantly, how can brands use WeChat to engage with customers?
  • Is Weibo still relevant when it comes to brands’ Chinese social media strategy?
  • Search engines in China and how to manage search campaigns
  • Who KOLs are, why are they are important, and how to plan them in your marketing strategy

LEAD 2017 - Day One @ 11:40

How should marketers effectively deal with the proliferation of chat apps?

  • What guidelines should marketers adopt when deciding which apps they need to be on?
  • Is developing your own customer app even worth discussing anymore?
  • Which chat apps should marketers absolutely avoid?
  • Do you invest in an app which you know has shrinking usage e.g. LINE, but is still relevant to the market?

LEAD 2017 - Day Two @ 14:20

Understanding how to use sponsored content: A perspective from the Chinese market

  • How brands in China use sponsored content as part of their marketing
  • How can you make sponsored content stand out?
  • Leveraging social media and video platforms
  • Understanding the crucial role of KOLs in sponsored content

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