Nicolas Bargas | Asia & JPAC Regional MultiChannel Marketing and Digital Manager
Sanofi | Singapore

Nicolas Bargas, Asia & JPAC Regional MultiChannel Marketing and Digital Manager, Sanofi

Nicolas leads Sanofi Pasteur’s digital and multichannel marketing transformation across Asia. In his role, he defines the strategy, vision and business goals of Sanofi Pasteur by leveraging on new technologies that help enhance vaccination coverage rate across 17 challenging markets in APAC, including countries like Japan, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore. Prior to moving to Asia to take up his current role, Nicolas was a Digital Project Manager for Euler Hermes and a Finance PMO for Sanofi. As an expert in Marketing & Project Management, he is committed to developing a data-driven marketing strategy for Sanofi Pasteur, a first in the vaccines industry. Under his leadership, millions of people have been aware of the benefits of vaccination, thus making sure that no one suffers or dies from a vaccine-preventable disease. Staying true to the promise of the brand and his personal mission - to save lives through innovation and technology. Nicolas holds a double master degree in both financial market and international business management from Dauphine University.


LEAD 2017 - Day Two @ 14:40

Overcoming data blindness: Insights from Sanofi’s dengue vaccine marketing campaigns in Thailand and Singapore

  • How regulations induce data blindness, what it means in practice and how this makes gathering 1st-party data difficult
  • The difference between marketing to doctors and patients
  • How ads’ segmentation is used to gauge relevance and engagement
  • Creating new data sources to reduce data blindness: How YouTube ad views and Facebook engagement metrics give an idea of what campaign success is
  • Mind the data gap: How traditional market research is coupled to digital insights to help measure campaign success

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