Megan Yulga | Marketing Manager
Circles.Life | Singapore

Megan Yulga, Marketing Manager, Circles.Life

Megan’s a fresh face to the Singapore Marketing scene. At 27, she’s led marketing initiatives for Irish Engineering company PM Group by supporting teams in India, China and S.E. Asia. Megan’s been with Singapore’s 4th mobile service provider, and first new telco to enter Singapore in 17 years, Circles.Life, since the beginning from brand conceptualization to launch. Throughout her time with Circles.Life, she has led and supported a small team in launching 360 degree campaigns, email marketing, public relations, and much more. She created Circles.Life first viral video nearly reaching 2 million views and launched a customer referral program promoting word of mouth growth attributing to 40% of acquisitions. Recently launching an explosive product campaign, Megan and her team have proved that the Circles.Life team is not shy in breaking the marketing mold to deliver results.


LEAD 2017 - Day Two @ 14:40

Creating a referral programme that works: A case study from Circles.Life

  • Why giving people what they want really is the best way to get a referral programme going
  • How do you make your programme desirable enough to get people to refer others?
  • On the other hand, how do you ensure that your referral rewards are not abused?
  • Why referral programmes do, ultimately, require monetary investment

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