Joseph Lim | Chief Marketing Officer
Tune Talk | Malaysia

Joseph Lim, Chief Marketing Officer, Tune Talk

Simplifying things in life is often the hardest thing to do. With good strategies molded by a good strategic vision, the complexities of the approach can be broken down into simplified steps. When Joseph Lim stepped into Tune Talk, it was not his first foray in the telecommunications industry. Graduated from University of Nottingham, UK, in Manufacturing and Management Engineering, he ventured into the industry from 2006 to 2010 by joining the Maxis Associate Program. Starting with the Strategic Marketing team, he then move on to the Loyalty marketing team, then the Brand marketing and lastly the Internal marketing, within the 5 years he was there. The love for all things marketing grew stronger as in 2010, he joined Tune Talk as Head of Business Strategy, then Head of Marketing. As one of the prominent figures in the company that drives for bold innovations and insightful business strategies, he was appointed as the company’s Chief Strategic Officer (CSO), alongside a virtuous leadership team, to bring the company steps ahead of the competitor in a very competitive business ecosystem. His ability to strategize and seamlessly merge different elements of the company has resulted him being appointed to the Chief Marketing Officer in 2016. This appointment is an integral move as to take Tune Talk to an unprecedented level in the coming future.


LEAD 2017 - Day Two @ 14:40

Engaging with customer reviews: What’s the best strategy?

  • Should you engage with trolls?
  • How do you deal with customers who have publicly criticized you?
  • Should customers who’ve complimented you be rewarded?

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