Jacqueline Balchin | Global Social Media Manager
Iflix | Malaysia

Jacqueline Balchin, Global Social Media Manager, Iflix

Jackie recently relocated to Singapore joining iflix as their new Global Social Media Manager. Previously she worked in London for social media agencies consulting B2B and B2C clients, such as IBM and Interflora, on delivering impactful and engaging campaigns. The aim, using social media the way it’s intended for: to build connections. She then specialised in social insights, working with clients such as Disney and Warner Brothers to understand audience’s reactions. Now at iflix Jackie manages a worldwide team, aiming to combine clever planning backed with data to form impactful social media campaigns building long-term relationships with the iflix followers.


LEAD 2017 - Day One @ 13:20

What’s the value of a ‘follower’?

  • Why ‘followers’ and ‘subscribers’ are hugely important even if - in and of themselves - they are vanity metrics
  • How a large social media following allows brands to build lookalike campaigns that inform paid social ad spend
  • How engagement with followers allows brands to truly understand how people react to them

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