Gemma Calvert | R&D Director
Institute on Asian Consumer Insight | Singapore

Gemma Calvert, R&D Director, Institute on Asian Consumer Insight

Professor Gemma Calvert, BSc DPhil CPsychol FRSA, is the Director for Research & Development at the Institute on Asian Consumer Insight at NTU, and the Founder of Neurosense, one of the world’s foremost neuromarketing agencies. In addition to her position as a Professor of Marketing Practice at the Nanyang Business School, Gemma is an internationally acclaimed business neuroscientist and one of the first pioneers of Neuromarketing. Her extensive academic and commercial research has been widely featured by the international media including The Economist, Newsweek, Time Magazine, CBS 60 Minutes and several high profile BBC documentaries.


LEAD 2017 - Day One @ 16:50

Realistic applications of neuromarketing: How technology has made it possible to understand exactly what consumers think and feel about your brand

  • How consumer attention is actually measured using neuromarketing technology
  • How accurate are neuromarketing technologies?
  • How neuromarketing will change the role of market research

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