Erik Davies | Director of Digital Marketing and Telemarketing
CMG.Asia | Vietnam

Erik Davies, Director of Digital Marketing and Telemarketing, CMG.Asia

Erik is a Canadian-born entrepreneur and self-starter. He spent his early twenties living independently in Vietnam where he established two separate education companies (IDS Training and English Today Hanoi) before joining CMG.Asia. At CMG.Asia, heads the online presence and growth strategies of the company along with lead generation.


LEAD 2017 - Day Two @ 15:40

Proven strategies to optimize video for mobile campaigns

  • Maximizing your value and ROI on video ads: How to get around the limitations that scrolling behaviour places on creative storytelling
  • What marketers frequently get wrong about video ads today, and what they can do about it
  • Best-practice examples from CMG, Budweiser and more

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