Elvin Li | Head of R&D
Reebonz | Singapore

Elvin Li, Head of R&D, Reebonz

Elvin Li is the current Head of Research & Development at Reebonz. He studies people and the data they create and share. Having done 8 years of data mining and consumer behavioural analysis across both the games and ecommerce industry, he is an expert in architecting and designing solutions to dig relevant insights based on data, web, mobile and social technologies.


LEAD 2017 - Day One @ 14:40

Paid acquisition work for growth hackers: A case study from Reebonz

  • Organic options for growth hacking: What are some realistic tools for marketers in 2017?
  • Does growth hacking imply that money cannot be spent on customer acquisition? Is advertising an option for growth hackers?
  • How to ensure you’re spending time on the biggest and most profitable users
  • Why acquiring new users isn’t the key goal: Why growth hacking really is about getting new customers fast

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