Darren Yeo | Experiment Lead at DBS Innovation Group
DBS | Singapore

Darren Yeo, Experiment Lead at DBS Innovation Group, DBS

Darren is the experiments lead at DBS innovation group, and a design practitioner at heart. He provides consultation and training on experimentation, and is one of the contributors to the 1000 experiments conducted at DBS. Till date, he has helped to launch 4 initiatives, and facilitated close to 600 DBS staff. Prior to DBS, he was part of a start-up, where he and his cofounders created a mobile app solution that connected courier services and online shoppers with their neighbours to collect parcels on their behalf. Before that, he was a design researcher that worked with various clients and start-ups such as Samsung, Spring Singapore and Singapore Tourism Board.


LEAD 2017 - Day Two @ 16:00

Guiding customers to buy

  • How to use customer journey maps to help shorten the customer journey
  • How to understand where customers fall off, and what can be done to re-engage those who won’t buy
  • How customer journey maps can make marketing cheaper and more effective

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