Boye Hartmann | CEO and Founder
Y Group Asia | Singapore

Boye Hartmann, CEO and Founder, Y Group Asia

Boye is a Danish marketing and mobile expert. Being a phenomenal networker and motivator, Boye has helped many global companies with their business development and marketing. With his perpetual positive spirit, and truly innovative thinking out of the box, Boye can bring your sales and marketing to a new level. Looking back on more then 15 years of telco experience, and being a technology and gadget lover there are only a few mobile phones that Boye does not own and even fewer players in the mobile industry that he doesn’t know personally. Having lived in Denmark, Russia, Poland, Belgium, Indonesia. Worked globally in sales, marketing and advertisement the past 25 years, Boye always knows the right person for any given situation. Entrepreneur at heart, Boye has started numerous (on/offline) businesses, and is sitting on the board in various companies and is helping start ups across Europe with their business development and financing initiatives. His area of expertise are: Mobile Marketing and Mobile Web Marketing Strategy, International Business Development, Sales and Marketing, Telco, Advertising, Technical Trends, Web Innovation, Financing, Entrepreneurship, Connecting People.


LEAD 2017 - Day One @ 11:40

eCommerce marketplaces as a source of marketing data: A look into Southeast Asia

  • How helpful is Amazon’s purchase data for retargeting?
  • Are Tokopedia, Lazada and their ilk worth advertising on? How easy it for advertisers who don’t sell through them to work with them?
  • When will marketplaces become a key source of data for advertisers in Southeast Asia?

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