Annet Steenbergen | Advisor Digital Identity and Travel
EU Identity Wallet Consortium

Annet Steenbergen, Advisor Digital Identity and Travel, EU Identity Wallet Consortium

Bio Annet Steenbergen Since co-founding/initiating the Aruba Happy Flow project in 2013 after many years working in international border management, digital Identity and innovation for the travel eco-system has been at the centre of her work. She is currently a consultant for the travel and tourism industry and works on projects with focus on implementing digital identity, (EU) Digital Identity Wallet large scale pilot and ICAO DTC. Creating true Seamless Travel while preserving data privacy and data protection. From 2016 Annet has been actively involved in IATA OneID advisory board, working groups/task forces and in 2020 she was a awarded the Women in Biometrics Award. She is a regular speaker/moderator at conferences.


Identity Week Europe 2024 Day 1 @ 11:00

Cross-border wallets presentation

Hear from the EU Identity Wallet Consortium about the progress toward cross-border wallets, interoperability, and more.

Identity Week Europe 2024 Day 1 @ 11:20

Panel: Cross-border wallets

  • Consider interoperable wallet applications 
  • Explore the large scale pilots in the EU for digital ID wallets 

Identity Week Europe 2024 Day 2 @ 11:20

Panel: Seamless travel

  • Optimise customer journeys with seamless travel solutions 
  • Balance friction and risk at the border with biometrics 

Identity Week Europe 2024 Day 2 @ 14:20

Panel: Contactless biometrics

  • How can organisations optimise contactless biometrics for a secure and seamless border? 
  • Examine the regulatory direction for contactless biometrics. 
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