Stand S49 DESKO develops and produces hardware solutions for ID document checks and automated data entry. From pure OCR data collection to a complete authentication of ID documents - DESKO has your ideal solution for fields of application like border and access control, immigration, KYC, tax refund, and many more.

DESKO devices handle all kinds of ID documents including passports, ID cards, drivers´ licenses and visas. All products are equipped with DESKO´s own state-of-the-art optical scan system which was specifically designed for generating high-resolution scans from ID documents under IR, VIS and UV light. They therefore provide excellent images for OCR data collection or even document authentication.

All devices are biometric technology compatible and can read biometric documents (e.g. ePassport). They therefore allow access to the chip data and gathered information such as fingerprint or the biometric picture of the document holder can be used in all modern-day security solutions.